Allied Car Wash Services


ACWS installs and maintains comprehensive lines of conveyorized car wash equipment, from touchless and soft cloth based systems to a unique hybrid method for vehicle cleaning. The hybrid wash system cleans with the combination of soft cloth and high pressure providing an overall effectiveness not obtainable with any other car wash system. Whether you desire a soft cloth system capable of 60 cars per hour or a full blown hybrid wash system capable of handling 150 cars per hour, Allied Car Wash Services can customize and build the right tunnel car wash system for your needs.

Smart MCC

Smart MCC

Savings from Smart Integrated MCC can pay for its upgrade in as little as one year.
Human machine interface controls all aspects of MCC functions.
Site specific customized controls
Smart MCC units arrive ready to use.
No programming technician needed
Multiple dryer VFDs provide more economical operation and redundancy
Vacuum feed back auto ramp controls are built in ACWS offers an extensive national support network via Schneider technicians


Next Gen

Save Money / Save Time

ACWS's Next Generation Tire Shine
Eliminates manifolds and nozzles which clog up Plus no run off .
No machine or employee down time for cleaning
Ends messy, unpopular maintnance; leaves floors clean and safe
Cuts tire dressing chemical costs by up to 60 percent
Stainless steel construction makes NEXT GEN the longest lasting shine application machine in the industry

                                                                              We are proud to annouce our newest product line